Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood
    Ritzilyn Brandon
      Ch Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny
  Remington Ringmaster
      Ch Elswood The Highlander
    Remington Remember Me
      Remington Rosette
Int Ch en Trailer Thevenet Expansion by Sasha
      Ch De Na Mora Hippy op 70's
    Thevenet Lord of the Rings
      Justify my Love de Ducado de Espinosa
  Thevenet Vanidad Mistica
      CH Real McCoy of Glen Sheallag
    Thevenet Diabolic dreams
      Desde el Dicado del llac Petit
      Inassicas Music Mellow
    Ch Hot News Mallow Cream  
      Tallygold More Brown Sugar
  Ch. Sunny Delight's King of Tapdancers    
      Goldline New Feeling
    Ch. Sunny Delight's Dearest Tiptoer  
      Ch. Inassicas Dunny Delight
Break of Dawn - Need you Now
      Ch. Siatham Raynor
    Ch. Jazzman's Da Capo  
      Ch Jako's Hope
  Lilla Flickan of The Morning Valley    
      Miray's Dream MC Mnemonic
    Ragdoll of The Morning Valley  
      Jane Doe of The Morning Valley




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